Newsy started online. Now, it lives there.

Total refresh.


From logo to layout, we gave Newsy's site a comprehensive redesign. Videos were priority. So we ditched the bright white in favor of a dark gray scheme to help them stand out. We gave users new ways to access videos, adding a trending topics bar and a feature quote box to the homepage. And for the first time, Newsy's editors could select top stories.


The draft.

We worked on the redesign with the team who did the first site, New Possibilities Group. We Photoshoped our layout ideas, color preferences and font choices together based on feedback we'd received from the Newsy team about the original site. This was our first draft.

The edits.

New Possibilities Group saw our designs, and they responded with some of their own modifications. We then sent our notes on their suggestions. The process turned into a nice back-and-forth while they developed the new site. 



The final product.

And the site is better for it. Newsy launched the redesign in 2012.


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