Newsy, a news app to replace the newscast.


One app for two devices. 

Newsy 2.0 is a complete, mobile overhaul. It was an iPhone app and an iPad app. But what we needed was an iOS app. That's how we thought about the redesign, as a universal update. We took cues from the updated website we designed and Apple's iOS 7 to bring users a fresher, smoother Newsy experience. 



iPhone users. A new view.

iPhone users saw the biggest update. The ability to change categories, receive push notifications on selected categories and simply view the app in portrait are all new in Newsy 2.0. These design changes  – some small, some big – give Newsy users a new view.


iPad users. A personal newscast.

The apps were designed together, but we know they're used differently. For iPad users, we redesigned the "Play queue" and "Save for offline" features. A bigger screen lets users easily build a personalized newscast and lets travelers seamlessly save videos for the sky. 

Newsy Designed. Apple Approved.


We were talking redesign as soon as iOS 7 was announced. But when Apple approached us about updating, we adjusted our priorities accordingly. Apple was involved from beginning to end. We sent multiple drafts to them; they sent us edits. And when it shipped, Apple promoted us in the App Store.


See it in action or download it here.